Class 8 Civics Questions and Answers

War and Disarmament

Q. How long did the first and second world wars last?
Ans. The first world war lasted from 28 july 1914 to 01 Nov 1918 and second world war from 01 sep 1939 to 02 sep 1945.

Q. Which countries comprised the Triple Entente and the central power ?
Ans. The Triple entente comprised of the united kingdom, russia and france and the central powers comprised of germany and Austria-Hungary.

Q. State the two aims of Hitler in adopting war as strategy.
Ans. The two aims of Hitler in adopting was as a strategy are :
– To avenge the humiliation and defeat forced by germany in first world war.
– To establish a powerful German Empire.

Q. Name two groups to which countries were divided during the second world war.
Ans. The two groups into which the countries were divided during the second world war were :
(i) The Allies ( United States of America, Britain, France, Former USSR) and the AXIS (Germany, Italy, Japan)

Q. How did the second world war end ?
Ans. After the total destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the atom bombs dropped over the cities by the united states, The AXIS powers surrendered unconditionally and the war ended.
(Extra Note : After one suicide of Hitler The allies accepted Germany’s surrender and the war came to an end. VE Day – Victory in Europe celebrates the end of second world war on 08 May 1945.)

Q. Name the world leader who planned the creation of the united nations organisation.
Ans. Franklin D Roosevelt planned the creation of UNO.

Q. State the permanent members of UN.
Ans. The First Five Permanent members of UN were France, United Kingdom, China, United States of America and Soviet Kingdom.

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