Google Adsense Account Banned Don’t Worry Aagaya Uska Baap

If you have a google adsense account and for any reason the account has been blocked then donot worry. Now here in this topic we will discuss another adsense account account through which you can display advertisements on your site and generate revenue.

If you have an online website or blog you will definitely want to generate revenue from it. When it comes to online advertising for your publishing website, you have many choices. It completely depends on you, to make a decision of which advertising network to go with. Definitely Google’s Adsense program is the first choise of all. In the contextual advertising game: Google’s Adsense and Yahoo’s Media.Net, Both provide a robust network of advertisers and make use of browsing history, the content on your site and other contextual indicators to present your site’s visitors with relevant ads that maximize your revenue and increase the odds of click-through.

What is Yahoo
A collaborative effort between search engine conglomerates Yahoo and Bing! developed This company is gaining good reputation in the contextual advertising network arena. Ads delivered by the network are generally of better quality and their approach claims to make more for the advertiser, through the use of an advanced system for ad delivery. Fo, Monster and Amazon are the name of some of clients of Yahoo and Bing brands are enough to bring your confidence on this company. In the below video we have explained these things in details.

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