Work Energy Power 10th ICSE Physics Exercise 2(A) | Q 1 – 5


Q.1) Define work. When work is said to be done by a force ?

Q.2) How is the work done by a force measured when (i) force is in direction of displacement (ii) force is at an angle to the direction of displacement ?

Q.3) A force F acts on a body and displaces it by a distance S in a direction at an angle thita with the direction of force. (a) write the expression for the work done by the force. (b) what should be the angle between the force and displacement to get (i) zero, (ii) maximum, work ?

Q.4) A body is acted upon by a force. State two conditions when the work done is zero.

Q.5) State the condition when the work done by a force is (a) positive (b) negative. Explain with the help of examples.


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